Saturday, March 1

More From February


1// You may have already noticed, but I've fallen in love with these three Garden Press juices. Beet & Greet (taste like grapefruit juice), Kale Force (taste like a parsnip), and Spicy OJ (taste like gingery orange juice) are my favorites. I've been tempted to order in bulk - they even deliver locally!
2// The Brandied Cherries have been a hit in our cocktails!! Old-fashions are our favorite way to end a demanding day.
3// I can't deny Sam loves me when he buys sprinkle donuts on his own, and says "they look better in pictures." True dat.
3// February treated us to some gorgeous sunsets. I love this one framing our humble little abode.
4// Rifle Paper Co. stickers were a little treat to myself this month! I've been using them for labeling my favorite books, canning, and sending mail! I can already tell these are going to come in quite handy!
5// MORE marmalade shots! I love that plate, too, a wedding gift from my mother-in-law!
6// Those blood oranges turned out incredibly photogenic. Also, I had just received the ball-head for my tripod so it was the first time I got to put my new gear to use!
7// I hope you didn't forget about that Honey Apple Cake; Probably the best dessert we had all month! Plus, I totally want every single letter of Linea Carta's Calligrapher Canape plates (available at Anthropologie). 
8// It seems like I take a picture of my Dad's van every time I'm in Russellville. I love it, and turquoises is so my favorite color!

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