Thursday, November 14

Knit Wit

Just recently I started teaching myself to knit. After checking out several library books and extensive online "research," I settled on a project. This adorable snood from By Hand London. Seemed easy enough, and would help me towards my greater goal, knitting us a cozy couch blanket. 

Easy is a relative term. Despite some pretty good YouTube videos, circular knitting was quite the challenge for this newbie. I'd recommend at least a little experience before spending an entire afternoon trying to join the cast-on stitches while they're twisting all around. Eventually I gave up!

That was okay though. 

At the library, I had found this great book, Simple Knitting by Erika Knight.


Inside was this adorable dishcloth project! I knew from the minute I saw it I'd have to try them. Sure enough, dishcloths were a lot more manageable for this first time knitter. After completing one, and almost another one, I called it a night. Only to find the next morning, our precious pooch had helped himself to snacking on my bamboo needles, the 1.5 dishcloths, and remaining yarn. Plenty of curse words and a call to the vet later..... nothing to show.

So instead of sharing with you photos of finished projects, here's some advice:

Or a glass of bourbon in my case :) Here are also some knitting links to keep us inspired.  Even if life may not be gong as planned right now.


  Pearl knit throw blanket DIY 

Sunday, November 10

Techie Troubles & Accessories

Two weeks ago the inevitable finally happened, My five year old MacBook Air bit the dust.

It had been showing serious signs of collapse, and I thankfully purchased an external harddrive to back up my photos and most important documents. Despite haivng what I need off it, I am still mourning, its loss to a ridiculous degree. It was the first big purchase I had EVER made for myself, and without it (and my digital subscription to The New Yorker), I don't think I would have made it through my graduate school's three hour long lectures.

So my questions have begun: Now what do I get? Another MacBook Air? A MacBook Pro? Are they really that different? Or do I just go with a desktop? Because when was really the last time I took my laptop anywhere? Decisions. Decisions.

Any advice would be welcomed! I would love to hear what you use and recommend! Sadly, posts will be rare until I'm able to get a new computer. 

In honor of this techie theme, I put together a list of a few of my favorite tech accessories all from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, or J.Crew (links below):

 Triple C™ for J.Crew USB phone charger

  Cypress iPad Mini Sleeve Camo