Monday, September 30

Weather Permitting...

Are you taking advantage of these crazy cool mornings yet? This morning we got up extra early to enjoy this Pumpkin Spice Drip Coffee recipe I found yesterday on the awesome blog Top with Cinnamon.
Pumpkin Spice Drip Coffee / top with cinnamon 
 The Sprouted Kitchen's Spicy Chai has been one of our favorite cool weather drinks from a while now. The only difference is we make ours dirty and add an extra shot or two of espresso.

 And for those sneakily hot and humid October afternoons, make up a batch of these Irish Coffee Ice Pops to keep in the freezer on hand. Recipe by Peter Georgakopoulos, a contributor at The Boys Club, and blogger at Souvlaki for the Soul:

Saturday, September 28

The Portland Collection

Have you seen Pendleton's new Portland Collection? LOVE!!!

 Nesika Silk DressPilot Rock Knit Wrap
Monument Laptop BagCoquille Shorts

Thursday, September 26

Looks I'm Loving

1. White Converses (Yes, even after Labor Day)

2. Knit Beanies

3. Overalls
4. Birkenstocks

5. Cargo Jackets

6. Ranch Hats


 7. Leather Backpacks

Syracuse Backpack

Tuesday, September 24

Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

Talk about kitchen crazed. People have always seemed a little too eager to tell me about their love of cast iron skillets.... Now let me join them. I've been using Le Creuset's 10" Cast Iron Skillet for a few months thanks to some lovely friends. It's a complete and total dream to cook breakfast in our house! Everything just turns out better when cooked in cast iron. From hash-browns and flapjacks to roast peppers and garlic, I'm sold. 
 Signature 10 1/4" Iron Handle Skillet

Here are a few of my favorite cast-iron recipes so far:


Ham and Potato Hash Recipe | Simply Recipes

Now cleaning your cast iron is pretty easy, but be sure to not neglect its care. The Le Creuset page (linked above) will steer you in the right direction should you have any questions on the best ways to show your skillet TLC.

Sunday, September 22

girlhula le shoppe :: etsy spotlight

vintage 8.5x11 
summer 8.5x11 
it would be so nice 8.5x11  

happy flags 5x7 
optimism 8.5x11

deux 8.5x11 
I've been following hulaseventy on instagram for a couple months now, and have fallen head-over-heels for her vintage vibes. Prints are here on her etsy shop!