Friday, July 11

Iced Coffee

Two questions are asked nearly every time I order an iced coffee black.

Q: Is that with sweetener?
A: No
Q: What about milk?
A: Nope

Once the coffee is put on ice, it seems all meaning to the term "black" flies out the window. 

I'll admit I don't really like milk (except with brownies and chocolate chip cookies, of course), and I don't like sweet or flavored coffee. Not even when it's hot! That, however, does not mean this recipe isn't perfect for milky sweet coffee lovers, too. Making iced coffee is more about the process than a recipe, anyways. Adjustments should be made based on your personal preference because when it comes to coffee it seems no two people take theirs just alike.

So first things first, iced coffee is best when brewed cold. If you try to cool down hot coffee the flavor will be comprised and become really quite bitter. Cold brewing takes significantly longer than making traditional coffee. That is why I recommend this overnight method.


French Press
Coffee Grinder


1/2 cup coffee fresh ground beans
1 1/2 cup of water
Milk or milk alternative (optional, and to taste)
Sweetener of your choice (optional)
Flavor fancies (like caramel, chocolate, vanilla, etc - also optional)

1. Grind your beans until they are course enough to withstand your french press's filter, yet fine enough to incorporate well. 

2. Place the coffee grounds in the french press and add water. Stir well. 

3. Leave the french press's plunger up, and place it in the fridge to sit for at least 6 hours.

4. After the coffee grounds and water have brewed for 6-8 hours, you are ready to press your coffee. 

5. Pour pressed coffee over ice, adding whatever optional items you prefer.