Thursday, November 14

Knit Wit

Just recently I started teaching myself to knit. After checking out several library books and extensive online "research," I settled on a project. This adorable snood from By Hand London. Seemed easy enough, and would help me towards my greater goal, knitting us a cozy couch blanket. 

Easy is a relative term. Despite some pretty good YouTube videos, circular knitting was quite the challenge for this newbie. I'd recommend at least a little experience before spending an entire afternoon trying to join the cast-on stitches while they're twisting all around. Eventually I gave up!

That was okay though. 

At the library, I had found this great book, Simple Knitting by Erika Knight.


Inside was this adorable dishcloth project! I knew from the minute I saw it I'd have to try them. Sure enough, dishcloths were a lot more manageable for this first time knitter. After completing one, and almost another one, I called it a night. Only to find the next morning, our precious pooch had helped himself to snacking on my bamboo needles, the 1.5 dishcloths, and remaining yarn. Plenty of curse words and a call to the vet later..... nothing to show.

So instead of sharing with you photos of finished projects, here's some advice:

Or a glass of bourbon in my case :) Here are also some knitting links to keep us inspired.  Even if life may not be gong as planned right now.


  Pearl knit throw blanket DIY