Sunday, November 10

Techie Troubles & Accessories

Two weeks ago the inevitable finally happened, My five year old MacBook Air bit the dust.

It had been showing serious signs of collapse, and I thankfully purchased an external harddrive to back up my photos and most important documents. Despite haivng what I need off it, I am still mourning, its loss to a ridiculous degree. It was the first big purchase I had EVER made for myself, and without it (and my digital subscription to The New Yorker), I don't think I would have made it through my graduate school's three hour long lectures.

So my questions have begun: Now what do I get? Another MacBook Air? A MacBook Pro? Are they really that different? Or do I just go with a desktop? Because when was really the last time I took my laptop anywhere? Decisions. Decisions.

Any advice would be welcomed! I would love to hear what you use and recommend! Sadly, posts will be rare until I'm able to get a new computer. 

In honor of this techie theme, I put together a list of a few of my favorite tech accessories all from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, or J.Crew (links below):

 Triple C™ for J.Crew USB phone charger

  Cypress iPad Mini Sleeve Camo