Monday, December 23

Hometown Style

Growing up I always felt like my hometown (Russellville, AR) had great style sense. With plenty of bankers, farmers, and duck hunters, there was a nice mix of outdoors enthusiasm and that 1990s drive to be sucessful. The men mixed their Carhartts with Ralph Lauren button-downs, and chose Land Rovers instead of trucks for hauling gear. All the while, their wives made Patagonia vests chic - paired with fur boots, diamonds, and designer handbags.

Inspired by small town Arkansas, and the holiday seasons, I wanted to celebrate some great pieces reflective of my hometown's style.

Start with a few classics (like the ones I've featured here), and then mix in your favorite luxury items! This recipe is sure to make holiday outfitting simple and successful!

Penfield Jacket // Madewell Tomboy Workshirt //  Fair Isle Camp Socks // J.Crew Elbow-Patch Sweater // Nordic Prints  // Carhartt Watch Hat // Patagonia Retro-X Vest // Anthropologie Plaid Scarf //  Tretorn Aspelina Boots