Thursday, December 19

I've been missing you! Let's warm up with a Hot Toddy

I've missed blogging, but have at least had the opportunity to sit back and think about the direction and design of this little work-in-progress. There is so much I don't know, but the one thing I do is TOAST is about to get a facelift. Stay tuned everybody!

Here are a few photos from life and Instagram as of late, and a classic Hot Toddy Recipe just in time for the holidays:


The Hot Toddy has been quite popular around our house this winter!

I found it was extra nice with some local honey when I was sick with a sore throat and congestion. 

Enjoy in your favorite mug with someone you love :)

Hot Toddy

2oz Bourbon (or Brandy)
6oz Hot Water
1tsp Honey (or other sweetner)