Friday, January 24

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

That's right. It's time to start thinking about Valentine's Day, the holiday I love to hate. Yes it's a commerical joke, but jokes can be fun, right? I've already bought up some cute cards and made ravioli in the shape of hearts; So basically I am planning to make the most of it!

In the name of the love, all things pink, and chocolate, here's a Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

For your ladies: 

Of course, you cannot go wrong with chocolate for Valentine's day. I recently scored this Mast Brothers Chocolate Cookbook on sale, and have been head-over-heals (or should I say stomach-over-waistband) ever since. It's my go to source for all things chocolate, and I mean ALL THINGS. Their recipes, although mostly-very simple, come off decadent and rich. You'll never need another source when it comes to the question, 'what will have for dessert?' Chocolate, duh.

2. Anthropologie Veranda Throw
So you should know we recently got this veranda throw in turquoise - it's INCREDIBLY soft - and will not disappoint! Last V-Day, the {now} hubs and I decided to gift each other things to make our Saturday mornings even more splendid. That's what we love, lazy Saturday mornings, when we can lay around in pajamas, cook a big breakfast, drink too much coffee, and even catch up on a little online perusing or missed episodes of our favorite shows. While he totally outdid himself, with a stellar mixing bowl set and subscription to Kinfolk, I will forever be made fun of for getting him a Pendleton throw blanket. Of which, we use just about every day (see... practical!). Even if Sam doesn't agree, I think a cozy new blanket just screams let's cuddle up!

3. Lush Bath Bombs
I have yet to visit a LUSH store, but hear they are quite the experience. I can, however, attest to their bath bombs. My lovely sister-in-law has gifted me a few amazing LUSH products over the years, and I simply cannot get enough. Nice bath products are a luxury item for many of us, and so is even having the time for a bath. You should really check out LUSH if you haven't already.  Maybe even get yourself a V-Day gift this year!

4. Another Feather Jewelry
Simple, stylish, pieces to wear for years and years. You really cannot go wrong  with any thing by Another Feather designer, Hannah Ferrara. Her designs are unique while still feeling classic. I really love ring stacking, and think it can be a neat gift idea to build on. Another Feather would be the perfect place to start a ring collection, and if that's not for you, find a statement piece.

5. The Gentlewoman Subscription
Last year's Kinfolk magazine subscription was like the gift that just kept giving, and thus inspired this choice. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed Kinfolk, and would recommend it completely if you're not already subscribing, The Gentlewoman is my mag of the moment. The Gentlewoman is like the empowerment model of fashion mags. Printed in Holland, it's a mix of international fashion industry musings, profiles on some of the most talented woman, and plenty of old-school glamor. It'll be the gift she doesn't forget about because really it lasts all year!

6. Mason Cash Heart Mixing Bowl
So you know how I said my husband wasn't exactly thrilled by the throw blanket I got him? Well, I'll admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled by my mixing bowl set at first, but let me tell you, now I have no clue what I used before I had them! Maybe not for everyone, but a nice mixing bowl set is invaluable in any kitchen if your special someone doesn't already have one. Plus, these Mason Cash's bowls with the hearts are more than adorable, and even come in ivory if you don't think pink will be her thing.
7. Custom Artwork
You probably cannot go wrong with any custom piece of art for your girl, especially if you know her style well. I have long adored these custom, mid-century style, portraits found on Etsy. Unfortunately, you may need more time to place a custom order, but this also made me think of a photography session (which you still have time to pull off). Because whoever said you had to be engaged to have some pictures made? I think no matter the medium, art can capture the amazing love you have for another person at a special time in your life. A sure win on Valentine's.

For your guys:

1. Hudson Whiskey
Hudson Whiskey's are the coolest. I like them allllll. I chose this one to show off because I will never forget ordering one in San Fran (a splurge for my bachelorette party weekend), and the bartender made some comment about it being an east coast drink. I still just think we should fix that. Hudson Whiskey for all the coasts!

2. Green Soccer Journal Subscription
I'll admit it. I hate the idea that print is dying, and refuse to believe it. Have you not noticed; Some GREAT publications have come out in the past few years. The Green Soccer Journal is one not to miss. I even love reading it! Whoever you are buying for might not appreciate soccer like our household, but this is 2014. Meaning, the World Cup is just around the corner! So if there was any year to brush up on your soccer knowledge, ummm it would be now!

3. Bloodroot Blade Work Knife
This item may very well be regional, but in Arkansas guys carry knives. I know I have featured their chef knife before [here], but Bloodroot Blade work knives (even machetes) are equally bad-ass. Sam totally wants this knife, and I think it's pretty awesome myself. After looking at their website, you'll definitely bookmark it. If not for this occasion, another occasion to come.

4. Hand-carved Walnut Muddler
We've been making cocktails like never before! I think this walnut muddler's design is spectacular, and would love to have it around the house when mixing up old fashions.  This particular etsy shop has other designs and wood types that are all equally as great. Honestly, it would be hard to beat a hand-carved wooden bar tool paired with a nice bourbon on Valentine's day.

5. Nixon Watch
I've always considered a timepiece a great gift! Watches are a splurge, and not necessarily something you buy yourself.  Those two things, for me, make them a great gift idea. Nixon has had my attention for a while. They're often unique and priced quite reasonably. This particular one is from Urban Outfitters, and on their website you'll find more Nixon styles and tons of other watch options too!

6. J.Crew Tie Clip
Since the husband has been on the interview trail (Match Day is March 21!), I've been pushing tie clips. I think they make men's clothing stand out without being too flashy. It's a simple accessory that says, 'I'm put together,' no matter how frazzled or nervous you might really be feeling. J.Crew has this simple silver one, and we've also found several nice ones on etsy.

7. Byrd's Cookie of the Month 
I might of saved the best for last. In my opinion, cookies are the single best snack and/or dessert food. I once got my dad a Byrd's cookie of the month club from Gilt.Com. It was a great deal, and each month he received 1lbs of their homemade cookies - a different flavor every month. All of their cookie flavors are to die for, and he loved having the extra sweets around. What is even better, is they send you one of their signature glass cookie jars in the beginning, so you have it to refill all year long.