Wednesday, August 14

I've already lied to you.

Sometimes I think I am a detailed oriented person, but I know in reality I am entirely too flighty. Remember that Kid Curry cocktail recipe I posted. Well the picture is actually of a Brown Derby (Sam, my husband and most loyal blog follower reminded me!). Please forgive my over sight! I'm sure there will be (and probably are) more mistakes. Bare with me; I am a mess!

On to the Brown Derby. 

After recently buying way too many grapefruits on sale, I found myself itching for a drink after work. I looked up a couple cocktail recipes I could make with what I had. This recipe is similar to the kid curry recipe. Instead of lavender simple syrup, I made honey syrup. Instead of lemon, grapefruit juice.

4 oz Bourbon
2 oz Honey Syrup
Juice from one grapefruit

Shake with ice in a shaker until your hands feel numb. 

For the honey syrup: Heat equal parts honey and water in the stove stirring occasionally until the consistency of syrup. 

I first saw this recipe on Chow, but modified it to make more at one time.