Thursday, August 8


All For Sale on Etsy Right {freakin'} Now!

custom mid-century style couple portrait

I am smitten over these custom mid-century style portraits... and while we are at it, here are a few other things that have caught my eye on etsy.

Oh So Tiny and Cute Mixed Windchimes - 142
Windchimes and Bells Biggest to Smallest with Free Shipping
Ironaworks on Etsy

these rustic, but still gorgeous, strands of bells

Seed Bombs with Slinger - Slingshot and Seed Balls for Growing Wildflowers

Visual Lingual on Etsy

How much fun does planting flowers sound with a sling shot

Holiday Sale Circus - abstract art print  mixed media art print colorful fine art print
Sarah Giannobile on Etsy

A favorite artist of mine, as well as a southerner. This is her abstraction of the Holiday Sale Circus.
It really does capture how those days make me feel. I love it!

vintage goat horns mounted on wooden plaque
epocho on Etsy

I've spent more time than many in a taxidermy shop. These vintage goat horns are a first. Get over the fact that it's a goat and start thinking how adorable this would look on your gallery wall. 

Go shopping why don't you?