Monday, August 5

Why, Hello...

Welcome to TOAST

TOAST is for dreaming, celebrating, loving, and living. I'm Krysti. A social worker, wife, daughter, and friend. I have been bombarding pinterest and instagram with my ramblings for sometime now. With grad school in my rear-view mirror, feeling settled in my career, and having just wrapped up my first month of marriage, I can't wait to share with you this life bird and I have created. Bird is my husband. We met at a small liberal arts college in his hometown in Arkansas. After graduating, moving to Little Rock, and dating for seven years, we got married June 29, 2013. Although he stays busy living his dream and going to school, he is still able to inspire me every single day. 

Because of TOAST you'll be inspired too.

A stack of favorite books. Corks from the best times. 
And a framed 20% off Madewell post card. Yep.