Thursday, February 27

Baking Essentials

Kitchen gadgets are what satisfy my need for new shinny things. You may remember a few weeks ago I posted Five Cooking Essentials, here. I loved putting together that post so much, I've turned the focus onto some of my favorite baking supplies in the kitchen! Here are just a few reasons I've named these eight items baking essentials:

1. I've never met such a nice set of pans and cookie sheets. Everything from fresh baked breads to jelly rolls will turn out perfect on Doughmaker's easy to clean bakeware. We received several of these as wedding gifts from The Kitchen Store in Conway. I love them so much, I sold all my old pans in our last yard sale.

2. These mixing bowls from Williams-Sonoma were a very thoughtful gift from my husband. I really adore how easy it is to pour from these - Such a great design!

Mrs. Anderson's Flour Shifter
3. I was lucky to pick up this shifter at Millyn's in Dardnelle. When it comes to chocolate chip cookies (a personal favorite), there is an undeniable airiness to the texture. I've found shifting helps especially when making biscuits, pancakes, or pastries.

OXO Grips Cookie Scoop
4. For perfectly-even size cookies every time use a cookie scoop. Plus, you don't have to get your fingers all dirty prying goopy dough off a regular ol' spoon.

5. I pretty much just use my dough knife for select things, but I simply cannot image not having one when making pizza, bread, or pastry doughs. It's also perfect for slicing up scones.

6. We are totally loving a dark green version of this my mother-in-law gave us. My theory is because it stays cooler than wood, marble is easier to kneed dough on and requires less flour to avoid sticking. Regardless if that is true or not, experience proves marble > wood when it comes to baking.

7. Silicone just has a way of working like a squeegee on glass inside a bowl of batter. I would reallllly love one of Martha's stainless spatulas. They look so sophisticated compared to all the bright candy-colored varieties I'm use to seeing.

8. What else do I need to say other than my cookies are always ready before my oven is preheated, and I haven't "mashed" potatos in years. Kitchen Aid sets the bar high when it comes to stand mixers. I'll let you in on a little secret too, wait until Gilt has a 60% off KitchenAid sale. That's how I got mine!

Until next time.... Thank you for reading TOAST! 
XX, Krysti