Wednesday, February 5

Five things to do during an ice storm

 Yesterday, the south had a pretty major ice storm. Although, we were completely unprepared for the weather event, we managed to keep ourselves occupied and ended up having a great day! Here are a few shots from around our yard and back-alley. I didn't venture too far, but couldn't resist capturing our frozen little world. 

Five Things to do in an ice storm:

1. Listen to NPR all morning (in bed): Since you're not at work, you can actually catch the Diane Rhem Show.

2. Eat too many pancakes: We used this simple, homemade pancake recipe from inspired taste

3. Exercise: I did this yin yoga routine; Yogi Nora always makes me feel amazing. 

4. Get lost in fiction: Luckily, I have Lydia Davis's short stories checked out from the library.

5. Invent a casserole: Pickin's were slim around the pantry, but we managed a broccoli, chicken, quinoa, and gruyere dish that was to die for!